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Need help assembling your furniture?

Save time and effort! Our team will make sure your furniture is properly assembled

In-home assembly service

Our team of professionals are experts at assembling new furniture. They respect the norms and standards of the manufacturer to ensure durability and proper functioning. Save time and enjoy your new furniture quickly! Our team will assemble your furniture directly in your home and will take the necessary precautions to ensure the work environment is protected during the whole process. Furthermore, if this is the case, our turnkey service will handle the management of missing or defective parts.

Types of furniture:

  •  Residential or commercial office furniture,
  •  Work station,
  •  Living room furniture,
  •  Bedroom furniture,
  •  Bathroom furniture,
  •  Kitchen furniture,
  •  Game room and garage furniture,
  •  Ikea furniture and more.

Free estimate

Feel free to contact our team who will promptly handle your request
to give you an appointment within 24 to 72 hours!


ABenefits of doing business with us:

  •  Quick appointment,
  •  Meticulous work,
  •  Time saving,
  •  Competitive price,
  •  No tools needed,
  •  Management of missing or defective parts,
  •  Courteous and experienced installers,
  •  Liability insurance,
  •  ASP construction training,
  •  Turnkey service.

Sectors served

We proudly serve Montreal, Laval, the North Shore, the South Shore and the Lower Laurentians